Tickets are per person and per day but are transferable


Early Bird Tickets only

If you find when the date and venue are announced for any reason that you would be unable to visit The Name Event

then if you so wish a full refund will be provided 

- Only applies to Early Bird Tickets-

Refunds will be  provided at the earliest opportunity but may take in excess of 14 day

 Group Tickets

- Only available for sales of 6 or more -

Standard Tickets

- The ticket for all -

1 or 2 days

It will depend on the amount of interest and ticket sales whether the event is to be 1 or 2 days


Credit/debit card via PayPal (but no PayPal account is required)


Cheque or postal order


Lecture and other types of tickets

At reasonable prices will be available separately.

Those already registered or purchase visitor tickets will be advised when these are available to purchase

16 & Under free and are very welcome

All tickets will be sent out around 2 weeks before The Name Event

All ticket sales will be in advance 

No ticket sales at the event

Group Tickets
Minimum 6
Standard Ticket

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